Accelerate Time to Production

VBOX enables pre-Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) to occur at the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) phase - prior to customer delivery

  • So, what's in it for you?

    • Shorten Project Lead time – Accelerate Time to Production
    • Flexibility - Undergo Acceptance Tests at any time
    • Secure - Encrypted connections between preconfigured VBOX units
    • Travel Costs - Significantly reduced by identifying and resolving issues remotely ahead of time
    • Resources - Frees up engineer's time for additional projects
    • Leased Service - No capital investment
    • No additional software required
    • No system re-configuration required

    The VBOX product has been exclusively designed to meet the needs of the Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Automotive, Semiconductor, Electronics, Food and Beverage sectors.

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  • The VBOX solution is an internationally recognised product and managed service which provides virtual Ethernet cables around the globe and enables:-

    • Ethernet capable machines/systems to integrate seamlessly from locations anywhere in the world as if they were on the same physical LAN network
    • Two or more VBOX units provide a virtual Layer 2 network allowing global integration
    • Use of existing Network Private IP addresses Default gateways - no reconfiguration of systems required
    • Connectivity using:
      • the integrated VBOX Netbook, or
      • your Smartphone's Hotspot feature, or
      • the existing Corporate/Guest LAN
    • Lights Out Remote Support using the VBOX Optima premium product
    • Choice of products to suit your requirements
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"Astellas Ireland Co. Ltd. has been using the VBOX Secure Portable Network Integration solution for some time now. It has proven to be an invaluable tool, allowing network Integration testing, usually completed at SAT phase to be performed efficiently at the FAT phase of a project, highlighting machine integration issues, and enabling rapid retesting prior to system delivery.

We have used the VBOX solution successfully in L3 Serialisation upgrades, New Production Line automation integration and Electronic Batch Record (EBR) related formulation Projects. As a result, we are more efficient in project delivery, while substantially reducing ancillary costs."

Astellas Ireland Co. Ltd.


"VBOX creates a secure, portable Virtual Layer 2 encrypted connection between pre-configured VBOX units, which allows Machine Vendors with equipment set up in temporary locations to connect securely to their client’s Machine or SCADA/MES Test environments. This allows machine builders like Tekpak, whose equipment connects to their client's SCADA, MES or OEE systems to test, pre-configure and validate their equipment before it is shipped to customer sites, therefore simplifying system integration while satisfying the stringent cyber-security requirements of large corporate life-sciences companies. Most connections of this nature are Layer 3 and require significant configuration to set up and additional reconfiguration when geographically relocated.

VBOX solves this problem, as no IP reconfiguration is required, and provides seamless point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connections, and so, VBOX speeds up the integration and validation of systems that will connect to client factory networks and corporate systems."

John Kehoe - Managing Director - Tekpak Automation Ltd

Accelerate Time To Production

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