Accelerate Time to Production

VBOX enables pre-Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) to occur at the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) phase - prior to customer delivery

  • So, what's in it for you?

    • Shorten Project Lead time – Accelerate Time to Production
    • Flexibility - Undergo Acceptance Tests at any time
    • Secure - End-to-End Encrypted Connections
    • Travel Costs - Significantly reduced by identifying and resolving issues remotely ahead of time
    • Resources - Frees up engineer's time for additional projects
    • Leased Service - No capital investment
    • No additional software required
    • No system re-configuration required

    The VBOX product has been exclusively designed to meet the needs of the Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Automotive, Semiconductor, Electronics, Food and Beverage sectors.

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  • The VBOX solution is an internationally recognised product and managed service which provides virtual Ethernet cables around the globe and enables:-

    • Ethernet capable machines/systems to integrate seamlessly from locations anywhere in the world as if they were on the same physical LAN network
    • Two or more VBOX units provide a virtual Layer 2 network allowing global integration
    • Use of existing Network Private IP addresses Default gateways - no reconfiguration of systems required
    • Connectivity using:
      • the integrated VBOX Netbook, or
      • your Smartphone's Hotspot feature, or
      • the existing Corporate/Guest LAN
    • Lights Out Remote Support using the VBOX Optima premium product
    • Choice of products to suit your requirements
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  • Astellas Ireland Co & Ltd.

    "VBOX has proven to be an invaluable tool, highlighting machine integration issues, and enabling rapid retesting prior to system delivery. [...] As a result, we are more efficient in project delivery, while substantially reducing integration testing costs."
  • John Kehoe

    Managing Director - Tekpak Automation Ltd.
    "VBOX speeds up the integration and validation of systems while satisfying the stringent cyber-security requirements of large corporate life-sciences companies.....
  • Christian Gehring

    Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH
    "This exceptional product and first-class customer service make this tool an indispensable resource. The decision to use VBOX has greatly simplified and accelerated the way we work.....
  • Manuel Ye

    Senior Project Manager - Vendor
    "VBOX gave us confidence that these systems would integrate without issues during the customer on-site SAT commissioning phases......

Accelerate Time To Production

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