VBOX was founded in 2013, having identified a unique gap in the market to provide an Innovative technical solution to eliminate the extensive inefficiencies associated with conventional Systems Integration Testing in the Manufacturing Industry.

VBOX Founder, Mark Sorensen and Co-Founder Elaine Sorensen combined decades of IT expertise, strategic business development and leadership with vast experience consulting into Multinational companies, and created a Portable Secure Network Solution which has been rigorously trialled and tested for over a decade. With proven use cases, VBOX officially launched in 2022.

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At VBOX, we specialize in streamlining systems integration, all while adhering to the robust cybersecurity standards demanded by global manufacturing giants. Our expertise extends across diverse sectors, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, medical, technology, and automotive industries.

VBOX has garnered acclaim for its pivotal role in advancing Industry 4.0 and 5.0, driving Digital Transformation, fostering Sustainability, and championing the Circular Economy. Our commitment to excellence has earned us prestigious recognition, including the coveted titles of Business All-Star and Innovative Product of the Year for 2023/2024.

Remote Systems Integration Testing

Your Solution for Efficient Systems Integration

We take pride in offering a distinctive value proposition – a smart choice for accelerated production, cost savings, and environmental responsibility. VBOX now assumes a pivotal role in digitizing your business, particularly in the realm of systems integration testing, a known bottleneck notorious for causing time delays and budget overruns in projects.

Our journey began in 2013, and since then, VBOX has undergone rigorous trials, testing, and successful utilization within the pharmaceutical production sector. The global pandemic further underscored the value of VBOX, leading to its adoption across Europe and the USA.

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